Technifibre Carboflex 125 Heritage

Tecnifibre Carboflex 125 Heritage Basaltex Squash Racket

Isomorph Shaft - A circular core shaft with elipse sides creates a balance between the stiff and flex shafts. The shaft helps to balance the control and power aspect while the extended frame improves string bed repulsion, improving the power to suit the control player needing a more powerful racket.

Basaltex Multiaxial - Basalt mineral and graphite composite in the frame reduces the high frequency vibrations through the frame. The multiaxial dimension uses basalt running along the graphite and between the layers to control any vibrations that may reach the hand.

Absolute Squash grip - The grip used by Mohamed El Shorbagy and Thierry Lincou. High grip and absorption to keep a dry feel for longer.



125 g



27 ins


Head size:

78 sq/in



Even Balance



Graphite and Basalt Multiaxial

Technifibre Carboflex 125 Heritage

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