Kookaburra Strike Hockey Stick
Profile MBow 1.0
Features Dual Core
Head Shape Kookaburra Maxi
Grip Pro Cushion
Weight Light
Length 30",32", 34" 35", 36.5" & 37.5"


How do I choose the right size?


A rough guide on how to size a hockey stick is quite simple.


A 36.5 inch stick is classed as a full size stick so if the hip measument exceeds this a 36.5 or 37.5 will be the correct choice.


Measure the player from the floor to the hip bone to give you a rough estimate of the size.


Its not an exact science its purely so the player has enough reach but when controlling near the body the elbows arent forced too high.


Its advised to select the size above, if the hip measurement is in between sizes.

Kookaburra Strike Hockey Stick

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