Gray Nicholls Power Bow Inferno

The Powerbow Inferno 200 Adult Cricket Bat is the latest in the long lineage of incredible bats in this family.

An ideal bat for casual cricketers playing friendly cricket, the Inferno has has the characteristics that make Powerbow such an enduring family. Those include the big, low middle, guaranteed to give front foot players maximum bang for their buck. Our brilliantly feathered toe takes all the weight out of the bottom of the bat, allowing for a near-weightless pick-up.

The design is eye catching, with red and yellow fluorescent flames engulfing the spine of the bat, drawing attention from your teammates and opposition players alike.

The bat comes with an Extratec finish and a light coat of oil – we do recommend giving the bat a knocking-in before use. Available between 2lb07oz and 2lb12oz, there is a Powerbow Inferno cricket bat for everyone.


  • English Willow Cricket Bat for friendly, occasional cricketers
  • Low middle designed for front-foot play
  • Fluorescent flame licking across spine
  • Feathered toe for weightless pick-up
  • Extratec finish
  • 2lb 9oz – 2lb12oz
  • Short Handle only

Gray Nicholls Power Bow Inferno